At least 132 dead in India after suspension bridge collapses

At least 132 dead in India after suspension bridge collapses

BA suspension bridge collapsed over a western river of India dozens of people have died. According to the authorities, at least 132 people died in the accident in the state of Gujarat in the city of Morbi, and numerous others were injured. The search for missing persons is still ongoing.

According to the authorities, there were 150 people on the suspension bridge and a total of 400 people in the entire area of ​​​​the structure when the collapse occurred. Many were tourists who had traveled to the area for the Diwali festival of lights.

The accident happened on Sunday evening (local time) in Morbi in the state of Gujarat, the newspaper “The Times of India” and local media reported on Sunday evening. Many victims fell into the water. A major rescue operation is underway. Helpers were also in boats. Gujarat’s Interior Minister Harsh Sanghavi said more than 70 people had been rescued.

The pedestrian bridge, which spans the Machchhu River, was recently reopened after renovation work, it said. The building dates back to the 19th century. At the time of collapse many people were on the suspension bridge. Hundreds of people were mentioned in some media. “We are shocked. An investigation is underway,” Gujarat Labor Minister Brijesh Merja told NDTV.

Images and videos on social media show how the structure appears to be falling apart in the middle and several people are clinging to avoid falling into the water.

There was initially no official information about the cause. Media reports said the construction might not have withstood the load of too many people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office announced on Twitter that compensation would be paid to the victims’ families.

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