Assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy sues against non-release

Sirhan Sirhan in San Diego at a parole hearing in August 2021.
Image: dpa

California’s governor had refused to release the assassin Sirhan Sirhan, who killed John F. Kennedy’s brother in 1968, because he still posed a danger. There is no evidence for that, argued Sirhan’s lawyer.

Dhe assassin Sirhan Sirhan, who killed the American presidential candidate and Senator Robert F. Kennedy with three shots in the summer of 1968, is resisting the Californian governor’s decision Gavin Newsomnot to parole him from prison, contrary to parole board recommendations.

No evidence of public danger

Newsom had once again refused release last January on the grounds that the 78-year-old posed a danger to the public.

As Sirhan’s attorney Angela Berry has now argued, the Democratic governor has presented no evidence of the alleged danger posed by her client.

In doing so, Newsom violated the Pacific State’s laws, which require a suspended sentence in cases like Sirhan’s.

Politically motivated assassination

The son of Palestinian immigrants fatally injured Kennedy 54 years ago after an election appearance in the kitchen of the Hotel Ambassador in Los Angeles. The 42-year-old Democratic presidential candidate, a younger brother of the president who was also assassinated John F Kennedydied a day later.

Sirhan has repeatedly testified that he has no memory of the shooting in the hotel kitchen. Investigators discovered documents in the apartment of the then 24-year-old that pointed to a political motive. Sirhan is said to have resented Kennedy’s pro-Israel statements.

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