Around 250 migrants are allowed to go ashore in Italy

Around 250 migrants are allowed to go ashore in Italy

NAfter days of uncertainty, the approximately 250 remaining refugees on board the two rescue ships “Geo Barents” and “Humanity 1” were able to go ashore in Sicily on Tuesday. This was shared by the aid organizations Doctors Without Borders and SOS Humanity with. A third ship, the “Ocean Viking” with more than 230 people on board, was turned away and then asked France for a safe port.

More than 200 people left the “Geo Barents” in the port of Catania on Tuesday, according to Doctors Without Borders. According to the organization SOS Humanity, 35 refugees leave the “Humanity 1” also in Catania.

“We are relieved that people can go ashore,” said Till Rummenhohl from SOS Humanity. Like the “Geo Barents”, the “Humanity 1” entered the port of Catania in Sicily on Sunday. The Italian authorities initially only allowed some of the refugees to go ashore.

Meanwhile, the rescue ship “Ocean Viking” with more than 230 refugees rescued from distress on board asked France for help after a fruitless search for a safe port in Italy. “In view of Italy’s silence and the exceptional situation, the ‘Ocean Viking’ has expanded its request for a safe place in France,” said the organization SOS Méditerranée, which operates the ship.

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