Army finds no electoral fraud

IIn Brazil, radicalized supporters of the ousted president believe that the election could have been rigged Jair Bolsonaro Resistance for almost two weeks. The initial roadblocks have cleared. But groups of demonstrators who do not recognize the election result continue to hold vigils in front of military installations in a number of cities. During demonstrations last weekend, they called for military intervention to prevent President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from taking office in January.

Now an analysis of the election process by the army presented on Wednesday provides them with further ammunition. It is true that no indications of irregularities or manipulation of the election could be found, which corresponds to the examination of the electronic ballot boxes and the election process by other institutions and specialists. Still, the Department of Defense is not completely ruling out the possibility of tampering, as it reiterated in a statement Thursday.

Army calls for re-examination

The report mentions alleged problems that would have made it impossible to carry out a “complete check” of the electronic ballot box. Safety risks are also pointed out. For example, it cannot be ruled out that a harmful source code could be transferred to the urns and impair their functioning, according to the report, which calls for an urgent technical investigation of possible risks. The source code of the urns was available to interested parties for analysis a year before the election. The army became interested in it only in August of this year. Now the army is asking for another review.

Contrary to all other audit bodies, the army report avoids describing the election process and the electronic ballot box as reliable. In doing so, he offers space for the doubts about the ballot boxes raised by Bolsonaro himself – and further ammunition for those Brazilians who continue to doubt the election results without any basis. In the digital networks, many Bolsonaro supporters were initially disappointed with the report because it did not provide any concrete evidence of alleged fraud. But the doubts raised serve the driving forces behind the demonstrations to keep the mobilization against the election result going.

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