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The hole in the sky over Ukraine

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Air defense: too little, too old: a Ukrainian soldier shoulders one "Igla-1"-Soviet-made missile that can only engage airborne targets at close range.

Too little, too old: A Ukrainian soldier shoulders a Soviet-made “Igla-1” rocket, which can only be used to engage airborne targets at close range.

(Photo: Diego Herrera/dpa)

Every week, dozens of civilians die in Russian missile attacks across Ukraine. How could the government close the skies over the country? About the air defense systems of other countries and the protection they offer.

By Zita Affentranger, Zurich, and

Fabian FellmanWashington

Reports of devastating Russian rocket strikes across the country are now coming in practically every day Ukraine a. The number of blows increases massively, also far away from the front. At least 24 people died in an attack on the central Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia last week. Dozens were injured, many seriously. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy spoke of an “open act of terrorism”. Then Russia attacked the city of Mykolayiv in the south with nine rockets, a day later there were another ten. Died in eastern Ukraine in a rocket attack on a house at least 47 people. Even if the fighting of the ground forces is concentrated in the east and south of the country – war is raging throughout the country.

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