Armie Hammer is back in an interview

Armie Hammer is back in an interview

MMore than five years after the first rape allegations, Armie Hammer is back. In an interview with the Air Mail website, the actor admitted to emotionally exploiting women and being an “asshole”. Hammer denied allegations that he brutally raped and repeatedly injured his former girlfriend “Effie”.

The 36-year-old Californian, who became famous through films such as “The Social Network”, “Rebecca” and “Call Me By Your Name”, also accused the film industry of premature ostracism. “If someone does something wrong, they’re sorted out immediately,” Hammer said, comparing Hollywood to a “woken” mob.

The Los Angeles Police Department had started investigations into the scion of an industrialist family when “Effie” reported him in 2021 for sexual abuse and beatings. At the time, the actor admitted to having sexual excesses with the model. But they were consensual.

After the investigation began, which is still ongoing, Hammer was dropped from several scripts, including Shotgun Wedding. The artist agency WME also separated from the actor at the time.

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