Are identical outfits for twins a good idea?

Studies suggest that those who are externally made equal become actors of themselves.
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It looks cute, but what does it mean to twins if parents always dress them alike? Our author was affected himself in his childhood – and thinks back to a struggle for his own identity and personality.

Aall because of a t-shirt. Sixth grade, 9:35 a.m. I’m standing in a circle with friends in the playground, wearing the T-shirt I stole from my twin brother’s closet that morning. My brother spots me, spots his t-shirt, spots his anger, runs at me. And boom, slaps his flat hand on my neck. We often argued about fashion, especially during puberty. The stolen T-shirt stands for the struggle for one’s own individuality.

The hair, the shape of the earlobes, the forehead, the shape of the eyes, the size of the nose, the length of the arms, the hands, fingers and legs: everything is the same. The only thing that differentiates when the body and face look the same is the piece of fabric covering those spots. My twin brother and I look damn alike. Clothing shows others who you are. So appropriating each other’s clothes was a huge thing.

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