Apple Watch Series 8: what can the new smartwatch from Cupertino do?

Apple Watch Series 8
What can the new smartwatch from Cupertino do?

As usual, the new Apple Watch Series 8 is of high quality.

As usual, the new Apple Watch Series 8 is of high quality.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 has been on the market since Friday. The smartwatch again performed very well in the test. But is it worth switching?

the Apple Watch Series 8 is on the market. Since last Friday, smartwatch fans can purchase the latest model from Cupertino in Apple stores. According to media reports, the watches are largely sold out and a waiting period of a few weeks should be planned for orders via the Apple stores, but the delivery bottlenecks will probably be under control again by autumn. But for whom is such a smartwatch worthwhile? Is the slimmed-down version also sufficient, the Apple Watch SE 2, which is also new?

What's new in the Apple Watch Series 8?

In the test of the news agency spot on news, the conclusion of the new Apple Watch Series 8 is again very positive: Once again you get an extremely well-made smartwatch with all the latest features. However, you will look in vain for a big leap compared to the previous model. Apple only improved small things this year according to the motto "never change a running system". Only one temperature sensor was implemented, which is currently only active at night and as part of cycle tracking. This new feature cannot yet be used for men, as temperature measurement at the push of a button is not currently planned.

Another major innovation is the automatic accident detection that has been introduced. Similar to the iPhone, the Apple Watch uses several parameters to recognize whether you have had a serious car accident. In such cases, an emergency call is made immediately and fully automatically - if this is not manually prevented within ten seconds. At the moment, however, this only works in one car. Bicycle, scooter or motorcycle accidents cannot be tracked so far.

The new S8 chip was also implanted in the Series 8, but this performance boost is difficult to recognize in the test. Even the Series 7 had enough power. In addition, the useful life of the new Apple Watch is extended. The manufacturer now speaks of 18 hours of battery life, which is surprisingly low. In the test, these were clearly exceeded. As so often, this of course depends extremely on the usage behavior of the respective user.

Isn't the Apple Watch SE 2 enough?

At the same time, Apple introduced the new Watch SE 2, which can be seen as an entry-level model. Some functions are not available here and the watches are slightly smaller at 44mm and 40mm (instead of 45mm and 41mm). The screen is also not what is known as an all-screen display, so overall it is a bit slimmer than that of its big brother. Otherwise, the SE 2 is also a rock-solid smart watch with ease of use and numerous features.

However, SE 2 users have to do without the ECG function or temperature measurement, for example. Otherwise the differences are only marginal. In terms of price, however, this makes a not uninteresting difference: the Apple Watch Series 8 starts at 499 euros (small case without cellular function) and is therefore 70 euros more expensive than the previous model. Like the SE 1, the SE 2 is available from 299 euros.


If you are particularly interested in health features in smartwatches and want to be technically up to date, you cannot avoid the Apple Watch Series 8. In addition, you are once again dealing with an extremely user-friendly and high-quality product. However, this also applies to the new Apple Watch SE 2. However, you have to be satisfied with a slimmed-down version that lacks some features. However, the SE is worth considering, especially for beginners, especially at the quite fair price of 299 euros. However, owners of the Apple Watch Series 7 should think twice before switching to the 8 version: A quantum leap in the smartwatch-Welt does not represent the latest generation. However, a purchase could be interesting for users of older models such as the Series 4 or 5.


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