Apple is apparently considering opening up to other app stores in the EU

Apple is apparently considering opening up to other app stores in the EU


New EU directives could persuade iPhone manufacturers to change direction.

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Brussels / San Francisco Apple According to a media report, is preparing to allow alternative app stores on its iPhones and iPads in the European Union. As part of the changes, customers could download third-party software onto their devices without using Apple’s online store, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing insiders.

be background new regulations of the EU Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which are expected to come into force in mid-2024. It remained unclear whether Apple also intends to implement other specifications contained therein, such as the approval of alternative payment methods. A statement from Apple was initially not available.

So far, products can only be downloaded from the Apple Store, which presents itself as an app on devices with the bitten apple. The US group charges a commission of 30 percent on the purchases. According to the industry service Sensor Tower, the corresponding deals last year had a volume of about ten billion dollars. The new regulation for the EU could endanger the income in Apple’s service division, for example if corporations with their own app stores like Microsoftmeta or Amazon should join.

However, CFRA equity analyst Angelo Zino estimated that no more than 0.2 percent of Apple’s total revenue would be affected by direct competition from app stores in Europe. “In the end, the impact will be minimal because most consumers are creatures of habit and very happy with the platform,” he said.

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“We anticipate that the majority of consumers will stick with the status quo and use the existing app store.” alphabet has allowed so-called “side loading” on smartphones with its Android operating system for years. As part of a lawsuit against Apple, the “Fortnite” manufacturer Epic Games has stated that 90 percent of all downloads continue to run through the official one Google-App Store.

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