Apple increases prices in the App Store

Dhe technology group Apple continues to tighten the price and increases the prices in the App Store from October 5th. The company announced this in a letter to developers on Monday evening. In-app purchases are also affected by the price increase, with the exception of automatically renewable subscriptions.

On average, prices increase by 20 percent. Apple prescribes fixed price patterns in 87 categories for developers. The cheapest level previously cost 0.99 euros. In the future it will be 1.19 euros. In the tenth price level, customers will have to pay EUR 11.99 from October instead of the previous EUR 9.99. The App Store is an enormously important source of income for the technology company.

The price increases affect all euro countries as well as Egypt, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Sweden, South Korea and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the group justifies the new price structure with new regulations. Apple now has to pay sales tax and income tax of around five percent each. Otherwise, the iPhone manufacturer provides no reasons for the step. One reason might be the strong dollar and the generally high inflation in many markets. Prices are usually set in dollars and then adjusted to local markets.

However, the move generally fits in with the fact that Apple is increasingly relying on a high-price strategy. Apple sees itself as a premium brand. At the beginning of September, the company announced new record prices for the new iPhone at the presentation of the new iPhone generation for Germany. The most expensive model costs a whopping 2100 euros. Only one model is under 1000 euros, Apple has deleted the previously cheapest version.

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