Apparently nine dead by gunfire near Los Angeles

Two police officers stand guard at the crime scene in Monterey Park, California.
Image: AP

There are said to be numerous injuries. Eyewitnesses report a man who shot himself with an automatic rifle. It is still unclear whether there were arrests.

Am the fringe of a Chinese New Year celebration are in the metropolitan area los Angeles According to media reports, numerous people were injured by gunshots. The AFP news agency quoted the police as saying nine people had died. According to eyewitnesses, a man shot himself with an automatic rifle.

The incident happened on Saturday evening shortly after 10 p.m. (local time, 7 a.m. CET on Sunday) in Monterey Park, an eastern suburb of the Pacific metropolis in the American state of California.

According to the newspaper report, it was still unclear whether there had been any arrests. The owner of a restaurant near the crime scene said three people ran into his place and asked him to lock the door. They said the shooter carried so much ammunition that he could reload over and over again.

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