App is blocked in New Zealand for security reasons

App is blocked in New Zealand for security reasons

wellington New Zealand is following other Western countries and is taking action against the video app Tiktok, which belongs to a Chinese company, for security reasons

According to media reports, the app will be blocked on all mobile phones and other devices with access to the parliament network, including MPs’ phones, by March 31. The radio reported New Zealand and other media. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said, according to Radio New Zealand, he had not yet been informed of the Parliamentary Administration’s decision. He himself does not use Tiktok.

The company’s app Bytedance was already in Canada, AustraliaGreat Britain and the USA banned from government cellphones or MPs’ devices over security concerns. “Tensions around the world are rising following the Chinese spy balloon incident earlier this year,” said New Zealand’s leading cybersecurity firm, CyberCX tik tok-Ban identified as necessary. “There are legitimate concerns around the world about the Chinese government’s access to and use of Tiktok data,” the company said in a statement.

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