Andrea Kiewel comments on gender

Andrea Kiewel comments on gender

“ZDF TV Garden” presenter Andrea Kiewel
Image: dpa

In the “ZDF TV Garden” presenter Andrea Kiewel talks about the singer-songwriter scene” and then indicates that she has to change. Your broadcaster disagrees – employees could decide for themselves.

DThe second German television has a statement from the “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” moderator Andrea Kievel classified for gender. Specifically, it’s about a situation in the show that was broadcast on Sunday, in which Kiewel said: The “Fernsehgarten” team had the impression that there was a lot of positive things going on in the “German singer-songwriter scene”. The gender star is not spoken, but expressed by a pause in the word. Kiewel turned to a viewer next to her and said, “Don’t make a face, I have to.”

That ZDF At the request of the German Press Agency, the editors in question said: “There are definitely no instructions for gendering in the “ZDF television garden”. Andrea Kiewel is personally concerned to address everyone, which is why she used this formulation in connection with “must”.

ZDF: There are no specifications and regulations

In addition, the public broadcaster based in Mainz said: “ZDF wants to communicate without discrimination. Editors and moderators decide for themselves which form of address is most suitable for the respective format.” There are no specifications or regulations.

That genders in the TV program is always a controversial topic – also in the social media. An excerpt from the “Fernsehgarten” program was posted on Twitter.

A few days ago, posts there had also provided topics of conversation, because the word “nurse” was said in the WDR program. The ARD broadcaster classified this as a slip of the tongue.

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