Andie MacDowell & Co.: That’s what the celebrities are planning for the new year

Andie MacDowell & Co.: That’s what the celebrities are planning for the new year

Andie MacDowell & Co.
That’s what the celebrities are planning for the new year

Andie MacDowell (left) with daughter Rainey Qualley and Marc Cain founder Helmut Schlotterer

Andie MacDowell (left) with daughter Rainey Qualley and Marc Cain founder Helmut Schlotterer

© Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Marc Cain

Marc Cain presented his autumn/winter trends as part of Fashion Week – and invited actress Andie MacDowell to Berlin.

The fashion brand presented at one of the largest fashion shows during Berlin Fashion Week in the main hall of the legendary former Tempelhof Airport Marc Cain on Wednesday evening their colorful outlook for the coming autumn/winter season. Rich shades of blue and red, bright yellow – and lots of glitter in all colors. There was a grand finale to great applause, and the star guest among the young models was fashion muse Maye Musk. The 74-year-old mother of tech millionaire Elon Musk is considered the “oldest top model in the world”.

the celebrities were motivated by the positive vibes and, in line with the motto “A New Journey”, look constructively into the still fresh year. They revealed their highlights – personally and professionally. Princess Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (51) raved about her new relationship: “I’m happily in love!” She met her new boyfriend Charles at a friend’s party in Venice, they had met each other in the years before, but it was only now that sparks came. “With an enormously strong attraction,” reveals the princess. At the same time, young love gives her “inner peace”. Just like her, her partner also loves to travel around: “We never stay in one place for long, actually sit on the plane every three weeks,” she laughs. For the new year, she wishes above all: “That my relationship will last.”

Andie MacDowell enjoys being a grandma

Also US actress Andie MacDowell (64) was “very much in love” – ​​but with her little granddaughter. Looking forward to the new year, grandmother MacDowell wants to spend more time with her granddaughter, visits are still rare at the moment. MacDowell, who wowed those in attendance with a stunning head of gray curls, had daughter and actress Rainey Qualley, 32, one of her three children, in tow. The day before they had visited the city together. Daughter Qualley also gushed about her “happiest baby in the world! She just never cries. She smiles or sleeps peacefully,” says Qualley. “Quite the mom,” said MacDowell, who described her daughter as the “most loving, generous and sweet person” in the family.

Also for models Franziska Knuppe (48), the daughter is at the top of the list in the new year: “My daughter is doing an important intermediate school certificate and I would like to support her as best I can.” For her own area, Knuppe wants to continue to focus on professional development, to further establish herself as a fashion entrepreneur and designer. Sufficient exercise is also important to her, with help from the dog Ella, who wants to be walked three times a day.

Presenter Mareile Höppner (45) is looking forward to a “highly exciting professional year” and is looking forward to the busy schedule, partly because of her newly acquired program “Extra – Das RTL-Magazin”. Höppner: “But I will enjoy the time with my family all the more during the holidays,” she admits. Her children, her own son and two “gifts” from her life partner are “the most important thing in life” for her. The destination of the trip is almost certain, Höppner winks: “Either France or Denmark.”

More time for the kids – or a new project

Frauke Ludowig (59), who is already counting the days until it “finally gets warmer and lighter”, is looking forward to spring in particular. In the spring, Ludowig travels to Los Angeles on business. Together with her TV colleague Höppner, she wishes for a little more peace. “The world is pretty much out of joint at the moment,” said the presenter thoughtfully.

Presenter Sarah Richmond is happy to have finally found good childcare for her two-year-old daughter in order to advance her professional projects: “I’ve freed up the important window of time and I’m looking forward to getting started”.

Exactly the other way around, Olympic champion and fencer Britta Heidemann (40), who wants to consciously put aside work this year and wants to enjoy time with her two-year-old son Max. “There’s a little person growing up and for me there’s nothing nicer than accompanying him to learn to speak, swim, play football and to discover the world with him.” For the young mother the “true luxury in life”.

“GNTM” model team Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey (51) and Lou-Anne (19) are looking forward to a “sensationally successful year” on the new task that mother and daughter expect from spring this year. “Our first own show will run on a streaming station,” says Martina happily – a coaching format that will be about better self-expression, styling, but also about well-being. “A dream comes true!”

Influencer and model Stefanie Giesinger (26), whose relationship broke up last year after seven years, wants to enjoy the year as a single. “Be free, develop! Let me drift, travel alone a lot.” She also wants to experiment with fashion: “There is nothing better than remaining changeable.


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