“And Just Like That…”: Sarah Jessica Parker shines in gold and pink

“And Just Like That…”
Sarah Jessica Parker shines in gold and pink

Sarah Jessica Parker filming season two of "And Just Like That...".

Sarah Jessica Parker filming season two of And Just Like That…

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Sarah Jessica Parker returns as Carrie Bradshaw. Shots from the set show her in a gold and pink outfit.

Carrie Bradshaw alias Sarah Jessica Parker (57) is known as a fashion icon. Parker can be seen again in an interesting 80s-inspired outfit in new footage from the set of the second season of the Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That… The actress wears a pink blazer with rolled-up sleeves over a long-sleeved metallic gold dress that fell to the knees and was adorned with a large bow at the collar and bright polka dots.

Her hair, which fell open and in voluminous waves over her shoulders, featured two clips in the form of bows, which also shone in the metallic look. Pink jewel earrings and purple pumps completed Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie look.

Shooting has been going on since September

Filming on the sequel to “And Just Like That…” began in late September. Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing that at the time Instagram announced. She shared a picture of the cover of the script for the first episode of the second season with her more than eight million followers. She wrote: “Just so much. For the moment”. To be on the safe side, Parker had previously crossed out the title of the opening episode so as not to spoil the fans. The new episodes, which will also feature Cynthia Nixon (56) and Kristin Davis (57), could start in the summer.

Former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Sara Ramirez (47), who embodies the all-new character Che Diaz on “And Just Like That…”, also shared a photo on Instagram showing the scripts for the first two episodes of the season two shows. Ramirez wrote, “Shhhhh…” along with a finger-to-mouth emoji. The first season of “Sex and the City“-Sequels premiered in December of last year.


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