“And Just Like That…”: First glimpses of the second season

“And Just Like That…”
First look at the second season

Sarah Jessica Parker (l.), the pigeon bag and Kristin Davis during the shooting "And Just Like That...".

Sarah Jessica Parker (l.), the pigeon bag and Kristin Davis during the shooting of “And Just Like That…”.

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The first pictures of the second season of “And Just Like That…” are here. Charlotte seems to be breaking new ground in this…

The “Sex and the City“The sequel “And Just Like That…” is scheduled to return with a second season in the summer of 2023. Although nothing is known about the plot yet, there is now a first look at the stars’ wardrobes.

The series, known for its fashion statements, even has her own Instagram account for her costumes: “And Just Like That… Costumes”. Costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago posted the first looks of the new season there. Among other things, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, 57) wears the Dior snakeskin heels again, which she also wore in the first “SATC” film in 2008 and in the first season of “And Just Like That…”.

Aviator suit, pigeon bag, high heels

This time, however, the combination of her outfit is particularly wild: with the high heels, Carrie wears high socks and a small bag around her ankle, as a photo shows. She combines this with a faded pilot suit from the sixties, revised by designer Kate McGuire. Things get even more edgy in Carrie’s hands, where she carries a handbag in the shape of a dove by JW Anderson.

So while Carrie staggers through New York City, extroverted as ever, see Charlotte York (Kristin Davis, 57) looks classically modern as always in the pictures: She wears a black pencil skirt with a black blouse with little dots and a white Peter Pan collar as well as a striking pink bow around her neck.

What is Charlotte doing in a jumpsuit?

As the costume designers’ Instagram account reveals, viewers will also get to know a new side of Charlotte in the second season. On a photo The actress poses in an olive green jumpsuit. The stylists commented on the unusual relaxed outfit with the words: “Any idea where Charlotte could wear this?” Most fans are guessing volunteering, but some are guessing “prison.”

Evan Handler (61), who plays Charlotte’s husband Harry, has also been asked to try it on. We see him in a dark blue, restrained plaid suit with black shoes and a white plaid shirt.


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