An industry is crooked

Here visitors can find what is going on sale in time for Christmas. That's how the organizers see it IFA, the traditional fair under the Berlin radio tower. The electronics show has been over for a week now, so it's high time to report on a few new products that also stand for the trends of the season.

It was not just this year that the electronics industry discovered video gamers as a hot target group. In 2022, however, she has particularly carefully targeted young screen artists - with a generation of televisions, for example, that can do everything the player needs. With devices that support high frame rates of up to 240 Hertz, control variable frame rates and, if possible, also run in G-Sync mode in order to synchronize the screen directly with the Nvidia graphics card of a connected computer.

LG showed something suitable in Berlin. Just a few months ago, the manufacturer proudly announced that it would also be able to produce OLED screens in the manageable 42-inch format in the future. This small caliber is now the basis for the new LX3 television model, which will actually only show TV images as a part-time job: the device's screen can be bent at will - suitable for gamers who are sitting a short distance in front of the screen and are looking away from the scenery would like to be completely surrounded. 20 degrees of curvature and, on top of that, different angles of inclination can be selected with the remote control.

And if a film is supposed to be part of the program, the LX3 shows it with the typical OLED contrasts and fine UHD resolution. The fact that the manufacturer can also achieve great things was shown right next door with its first OLED screen with a wall-filling diagonal of 97 inches. More is currently not possible with this technology, but such proofs of competence will not fuel the Christmas business anyway.

The new TV OLED+937 from Philips.

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An industry is crooked

Back to the players: They need the right headsets, and there was no shortage of relevant innovations in Berlin. We found nice specimens at Teufel - not directly on the exhibition grounds, but in the Berlin branch of the online provider. The Zola model is adorned with colorful ear pads and earpiece covers. Bright coral red, sunny yellow, changing tones between violet and water blue are available to choose from, either to be ordered right away or to be ordered later as an accessory for retrofitting. The technology is also interesting. A condenser microphone with a moderate directional characteristic captures the spoken word in clean quality, and playback can be optimized with a ten-band software equalizer. USB and jack plugs are available for analogue or digital signal transmission, and the DTS Headphone:X function can be switched on at the touch of a button. It creates virtual 7.1-channel surround sound on the PC.

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