An Augsburger for Hansi Flick? – Sports

An Augsburger for Hansi Flick?  – Sports

Practical world star

After the 1-0 win against Leverkusen on Friday evening, Enrico Maassen, the coach of FC Augsburg, made a recommendation to the national coach. There are “few better nines in Germany” than Mergim Berisha: “When you see the finishing quality he has: with the left, with the right, with his head.” Indeed, Berisha, 24, has scored six goals in 13 appearances, with his left (1), with his right (4) and now against Bayer with his head. Maassen quoted with it – Coincidence? – indirectly Franz Beckenbauer, who once said about Lothar Matthäus: “Lothar is practically a world star, he can do left and right, back and front.” Nothing should stand in the way of Berisha’s world career. John Schnitzler

“Colo, colo, colo…”

Five-pack: Also accurate: Eintracht Frankfurt's Randal Kolo Muani (left).

Also accurate: Eintracht Frankfurt’s Randal Kolo Muani (left).

(Photo: Hans-Jürgen Schmidt/Imago)

The fans of Eintracht Frankfurt had sung about their longing for first place (“German champion is only the SGE”) and the opponent’s crash (“Hey, what’s going on – Hertha is finally descending”) before they invented a song that best suited to the 3-0 win against Berlin: a song of praise to the double goal scorer. To the melody of the nineties dance anthem “No Limit” they warbled a multiple “Kolo”, which was followed by a long drawn-out “Muani”. Randal Kolo Muani, 24, is currently shifting his limits on a weekly basis, has nine goals this season. How did he like the song? “Hearing it was a great feeling. I will work hard to hear it more often.” SZ

Too fast

Pack of five: Often offside: Leipzig's Timo Werner.

Often offside: Leipzig’s Timo Werner.

(Photo: Frederic Scheidemann/Getty Images)

The classic offside strikers were once rascals like Pippo Inzaghi or Frank Mill who lurked just on the edge of the forbidden zone. The Leipziger Timo Werner is as fast as an arrow (much faster than Inzaghi or Mill), but still rushes offside more often than any other striker of the present – and then looks incredulous because he was already offside again. In the games on Wednesday (3-1 in the cup against Hoffenheim) and on Saturday (a gripping 0-0 in Cologne) the spectacle happened half a dozen times. To top it off, Werner took the ball off his colleague André Silva (who was not offside) on the way to the goal – offside! Milan Pavlovic

washing machine

Pack of five: Has had enough of France's national team: ex-world champion Raphaël Varane.

Has enough of France’s national team: ex-world champion Raphaël Varane.

(Photo: Franck Fife/AFP)

The fact that France became world champions in 2018 was also due to him: Raphael Varane was never the spectacle player in the team, but a spectacularly solid central defender. But now, at the age of 29 and after 93 international matches, the national team is over. “The highest level is like a washing machine, you play all the time and never stop,” he explains. For years it was okay, now he has the feeling “that I’m suffocating and that the player is devouring the human”. Varane will only play for Manchester United, where he last moved to after many years at Real Madrid. He leaves a warning, highly topical: the player devours the human. Claudio Catuogno

False twitch

Pack of five: According to management, will continue to play football: Mesut Özil.

Will continue to play football according to management: Mesut Özil.

(Photo: Nils Jakobsson/Imago)

If the management of Mesut Ozil on the subject of resignation to speak, twitch in German football probably still a few people together – even if it’s been more than four years since the 2014 world champion announced his departure from the national team, with harsh allegations against the DFB. This time, the goal of Özil and his advisors was to avoid excitement: “The management of GROW can confirm that Mesut will continue to play football,” it said in a statement. Özil, 34, who is under contract with the Turkish club Basaksehir FK until the summer, is ending his career, Fanatik had previously reported. Sebastian Fisher

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