Ampel presents draft for electoral law reform – only 598 seats left

The Bundestag is fully occupied

The number of members of the Bundestag has been growing continuously since 2002.

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Berlin The traffic light factions have one Draft bill for electoral reform presented, which would reduce the size of the Bundestag back to 598 members. Due to overhang and equalization mandates, the parliament had continued to grow from this standard size – to 736 MPs most recently.

The bill of SPD, Greens and FDP now provides that there should be no more overhang and compensation mandates in the future. As a result, MPs directly elected in a constituency will not be given a seat in the Bundestag.

The chairmen of the traffic light parliamentary groups in the Bundestag sent the draft law to CDU/CSU parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) on Sunday. In a letter they offered to talk about it.

The parliamentary groups of the democratic centert wanting to avoid a massive increase in the size of the Bundestag beyond its legal standard for future federal elections,” the letter said. “That’s why we want for the next one find a solution for the general electionwhich can be carried widely.” The letter and draft law are available from the German Press Agency in Berlin.

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Overhang mandates arise when a party wins more mandates from the first votes than it would be entitled to based on the result of the second vote. A party may retain these additional mandates. The other parties receive compensatory mandates in return.

The waiver of overhang and compensation mandates would affect all parties. There were 138 of them in the 2021 federal election SPD 36, on the green 24, on the FDP 16, on the AfD 14 and on the left 7.

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