Amiri on his recovery under Alonso: ‘I was dead’

Amiri on his recovery under Alonso: ‘I was dead’

Nadiem Amiri

Nadiem Amiri

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Bayer Leverkusen benefits from up-and-coming Nadiem Amiri. The midfielder has made good use of the coaching change to Xabi Alonso.

The situation at Bayer Leverkusen is still critical and certainly not relaxed, but Nadiem Amiri can easily be one of the winners of Xabi Alonso to be referred to as the head coach. He has clear words left over the past few months.

With Xabi Alonso as head coach, Nadiem Amiri can show himself more often again. The Spaniard relies on the 26-year-old much more often than his predecessor Gerardo Seoane has done. The midfielder gives back the confidence in the form of a considerable increase in performance. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the goal in the Rheinderby either.

These weeks can almost be seen as a comeback for Amiri – although he was previously uninjured. “I have no words for how I’m doing now. I was gone. I was dead. Now I’ve worked my way back,” he said, delighted with the current good performance and efforts (via picture).

Amiri laments: Midfielder was “almost hopeless” under Seoane

“It was almost hopeless for me with Seoane,” he looked back openly and emotionally on the last few months. Under the previous coach, after his return from Genoa, he had only rarely played and only for very short periods of time.

Apparently that got him too. He became correspondingly clear when he looked back on this time: “It wasn’t explained to me. I was the only one who didn’t get a chance. I asked myself: What am I stepping on for? But that’s in the past, that’s football. “

With his return to the pitch, combined with the good performances, he is currently even happier “than two years ago when we were first and I played every game”.

He attributed this to his attitude, which he learned from his family: “We are an emotional family. Life is not a gift. You always have to work for everything.” The fact that he is currently in the process of doing exactly that is therefore to be seen as a very important step for him.

Unsurprisingly, the praise comes from those responsible. Simon Rolfes, for example, emphasized: “Nadiem hits it hard, he has it change of coach used – you just have to say that. The way he trains, the way he plays, even when he comes in – he’s an invigorating element with a lot of energy that pulls the boys along. In this condition he is an important part of our team.”

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