Aminata Belli: “One in three women suffers from violence in a relationship”

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Presenter Aminata Belli: “One in three women suffers from violence in a partnership – it urgently needs to stop”

Aminata Belli

Aminata Belli advocates that you should pay attention to your gut feeling when choosing a partner and take warning signals seriously.

© Aminata Belli for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty ‘Love Without Violence’

When we talk about violence in a relationship, we often only think of physical violence, but psychological violence can also destroy people. Aminata Belli supports women in recognizing warning signals in good time.

The moderator Aminata Belli likes to speak plain language, not only in her talk show “deep und clear”, which she moderates together with Louisa Dellert for NDR. One more reason that the 30-year-old also raises her voice when it comes to physical and psychological violence against women. Together with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, she campaigns for love to be lived without violence. Of the star met the influencer and spoke to her about the possible downsides of the most beautiful feeling in the world, love.

Woman Belli, you are one of the brand ambassadors for the “Love Without Violence” initiative. What do you associate with this topic?
I associate a lack of visibility and education with it. We talk far too little about it, that has to change. So I want to use my reach for that. Every third woman experiences violence in a partnership at least once in her life. That number shocks me.

Why do you think the topic is so invisible?
Those affected often do not seek outside help, one reason could be that they feel insecure. In addition, the topic has not yet been communicated publicly enough to take away a certain amount of shame from the whole thing. In addition, I also think that psychological violence in a relationship is far too seldom recognized as such. Misconduct on the part of the partner is often dismissed as “He’s just having a bad day/phase today”, although the psychological abuse is sometimes already in full swing at that point. We must work together to create awareness that psychological violence is violence.

Women who experience violence in a relationship are often afraid to speak up

Believe that the non-action of Women is also often afflicted with fear?
Yes, definitely. There is certainly a fear that this will make the situation even more threatening. In addition, women often give signals or ask for help, which they then do not receive (in time). A lot has to change there.

There is often a kind of ranking in society that physical pain is worse than mental pain. Does this thinking have to be broken?
In any case. The perception of pain is very subjective and psychological pain can also have psychological effects in the form of life-changing and life-limiting trauma. You shouldn’t weigh one against the other.

What are the warnings you want to strengthen together with YSL Beauty?
As you never know what goes on behind closed doors, sometimes not even with friends or family, it is very important that the warnings about violence are in Relationships continue to be made public. These are:

  • Ignorance. Whenever anger arises.
  • Blackmail. When you refuse to do something.
  • Humiliation. With the aim of oppressing you.
  • Manipulation. You shall do and say what is asked of you.
  • Jealousy. In everything you do
  • Control. About where you go and how you look.
  • intervention in your life. Your phone will be searched or your location will be tracked.
  • Isolation. You will be cut off from friends and family.
  • Intimidation. You will be declared insane and scared.

The warnings are a great tool. What else do you think needs to be considered?
It is very important not to mentally exclude anyone, but to keep your eyes open. Also, don’t think, “What’s someone like who could get into that situation,” or “She’s not the type to let herself be emotionally abused,” that needs to be addressed. Mental and physical violence can happen to anyone. Even people who appear strong to the outside world.

When should you intervene in the environment if you notice something?
There is certainly no perfect time. When dating, where the person is still very much in love and has rose-colored glasses on, it is certainly not easy to get to that person. But I’m always open to voicing your concerns. However, psychological and physical violence often only occurs at a later point in the relationship. It is of course particularly difficult for outsiders. In general, don’t be afraid of open communication and listen to your gut if something seems wrong. It could protect against worse.

What do you want? star Would you like to say to readers on the subject of “love without violence”?
Violence in a relationship can happen anywhere – in any social class, at any age, with any origin, with any gender and in any type of relationship.

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