American Football: NFL Playoffs: Over for Superstar Brady and the Bucs

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NFL playoffs: Out for superstar Brady and the Bucs

Quarterback Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL playoffs.  Photo: Chris O'meara/AP/dpa

Quarterback Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL playoffs. photo

© Chris O’meara/AP/dpa

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ season is over after the Dallas Cowboys smashed their bankruptcy. The 45-year-old superstar avoids making clear statements about his future.

For Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are already out of the NFL playoffs after a resounding loss. In possibly the last game with Brady as quarterback, the Florida football team lost 14:31 to the Dallas Cowboys at the end of the wild card round.

Brady then avoided making clear statements about his future: “I’m going home and I’ll try to sleep as well as possible tonight. A lot of concentration was on this game. One day at a time, really.”

At halftime it was already 18-0 for the Texans around quarterback Dak Prescott, who were only annoyed by a record number of extra points awarded and will play against the 49ers in the divisional round on Sunday in San Francisco. Prescott, unlike Brady, had a strong evening, throwing four passes for touchdowns and getting one more.

Last game of Tom Brady?

For Brady and the Bucs, on the other hand, a disappointing season is over, and there has been speculation for a long time about a farewell to the seven-time Super Bowl winner. Even the end of the 45-year-old’s career is not entirely out of the question. In the 23rd NFL year, Brady had experienced more losses than wins in the main round for the first time with just 8 wins in 17 games.

“It was typical of how we played all year. Not very effective in passing, not good in running. It’s hard to be a good team when you play like that,” Brady said.

For a long time, the Bucs didn’t develop any danger at all against the Cowboys and even after the first touchdown at the end of the third quarter they were largely without a chance. “Sometimes you get lucky but more often than not the team that deserves it wins and they played well today,” said Brady.

Bucs pro Russell Gage apparently injured his neck and neck in a collision three minutes before the end of the game and was only able to leave the field with the help of a vehicle.


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