Almost six years in prison for Alexander M.

WDuring the verdict, the accused Alexander M. pulled the corners of his mouth down. Hunched over, arms crossed most of the time, he occasionally bobbed his head, apparently expressing displeasure with the presiding judge’s remarks. The man who had harassed politicians, journalists and lawyers with threats in more than 80 cases and signed the letter “NSU 2.0” in memory of the right-wing extremist terrorist group almost looked like a defiant child who did not want to admit his guilt.

Timo Steppat

Correspondent for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland based in Wiesbaden.

In the nine-month process, M. repeatedly gave different statements and contradicted himself. At the very end, he might even show some form of sympathy for individual victims, but he didn’t acknowledge the crimes.

The presiding judge Corinna Distler said to M. that he would have been entitled to act like he pretended to be in his letters: a steadfast German man. As such, he would have admitted to the deeds, according to Distler. “That would have helped the victims.”

Long last words of the accused

The Frankfurt Regional Court was able to observe the varied defense strategy of 54-year-old Alexander M., an unemployed IT technician, whom an expert characterized as socially isolated and highly intelligent during the trial. Actually everything was said. In one of the previous sessions, the accused had made his own plea and demanded acquittal.

The public prosecutor had summed up the many crimes that M. was accused of and requested a sentence of seven and a half years. Shortly before half past nine, the judge wanted to give the accused the so-called last word, but there were many words. “I still have 94 pages prepared,” he said. “I thought so,” the judge replied. Again and again she had to rebuke M. in the course of the proceedings when he approached witnesses in negotiations and reacted furiously.

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