Allegation of rape: Dani Alves in custody

The Brazilian world-class soccer player Dani Alves, 39, is in custody on charges of rape in Barcelona. According to Spanish media reports, the magistrate saw reasonable suspicion on Friday that Alves had abused and sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman in Sutton, a nightclub in the Catalan capital. Although Alves traveled to Barcelona knowing about the allegations from Mexico – apparently because of the death of his mother-in-law – provisional release on bail is out of the question. Due to Alves’ wealthy circumstances, there is a risk of absconding; In addition, there is no extradition agreement between Spain and Alves’ Brazilian homeland.

Alves denies the allegations, but according to press reports he is heavily burdened by circumstantial evidence. In addition to the statements of the alleged victim, the test results made by doctors from the Hospital Clínic (Barcelona) immediately after the alleged crime and the recordings of the security cameras of the bar speak against Alves’ protestation of innocence.

The former FC Barcelona professional, who was part of the Brazilian squad at the World Cup in Qatar, also got caught up in contradictions during his interrogations by the police and the judiciary. After initially – also publicly – denying any sexual activity, he is now said to have said, among other things, that there was “consensual” sex between him and the woman. If charges are brought, Alves could face up to 12 years in prison. The Spanish Newspaper El País reported on Sunday that the woman had expressly waived any monetary compensation to which she would be entitled by law if she was convicted. Alves’ last employer, the Mexican top division club UNAM Pumas, fired Alves immediately.

It is unclear how long Alves will have to remain in custody

The woman’s descriptions are shocking to read and are described in the arrest warrant as “devastating” and “coherent”. She went to the Sutton with friends around 2 a.m. on the night of December 31 and was invited to the VIP area of ​​​​the disco by random Mexican acquaintances. A waiter showed her to a table where Alves was sitting with a friend. The first attacks had already taken place there: Alves grabbed her hand and put it on his crotch; she resisted it. After that, Alves led her behind a door – as it turned out, it was the toilet area of ​​​​the VIP area.

Alves locked the door from the inside and insulted the woman, slapped her, forced her to engage in sexual activity and finally raped her. Alves was the first to leave the toilet area. The woman followed a little later with a distorted face and later, in front of the disco, confided in her friend, crying. They contacted the bouncers, who called the police and called an ambulance.

In the Hospital Clínic, injuries were then found that were “compatible” with the process described by the woman, reports El Periodico. The clothing of the alleged victim has been made available to the investigative authorities, but has apparently not yet been examined for DNA evidence from Alves. It is unclear how long Alves will have to remain in custody. According to press reports, he appeared shocked when he entered prison and did not want to eat anything on Friday night. Alves’ pre-trial detention briefly drew attention to the apparently poor conditions in the 30-year-old “Brians 1” prison. Among other things, the sanitary facilities are in need of renovation. Sometimes there is no hot water in the shower.

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