Alexander Zverev has to cancel Davis Cup due to injury

Ihad in the past three months Alexander Zverev always let the tennis world participate in his intensive training program. After his triple ligament tear in early June in the French Open semifinals against Rafael Nadal and subsequent surgery on his right foot, Zverev kept sending new photos and videos via Instagram of how hard he was working on a comeback in his adopted home of Monte Carlo.

Just five weeks after the operation he showed himself standing on the tennis court with leg braces, and some time later all the pictures indicated that he was well on the way to his old light-footedness. “I’ll be back” was Zverev’s happy constant message, which he had borrowed from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film character “Terminator”: “I’ll be back.” The US Open came too early for the Olympic champion, but in the intermediate round of the Davis Cup , which will be held this week in Zverev’s native city of Hamburg, it should have been so far.

“Unfortunately, I trained too hard”

But since Monday it has been clear that Zverev will neither lead the German Tennis Association (DTB) team as number one nor return to the tennis tour anytime soon. During a training match with his Davis Cup colleague from Cologne Oscar Otte the 25-year-old suddenly felt a stabbing pain in the operated right foot on Sunday.

Running was out of the question, even walking caused him pain, said the fifth in the world rankings on Monday. “Unfortunately, I trained too intensively, my bones probably couldn’t take it and I got a new injury.”

The diagnosis was not long in coming: Zverev suffers from bone edema in the operated right foot. How long he will be out is “not a question of days, but of several weeks or maybe months”. He had to “be patient and careful,” said Zverev, who had apparently lacked these two virtues in the past few months.

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