Alexander Klaws: When it comes to education, he is the "bad cop"

Alexander Klaws is the "bad cop" at home when it comes to raising children. Here he reveals how spirited his two boys are.

Alexander Klaws (39) is not only a musical star, singer, actor and moderator - but has also been a father of two for several years. In an interview, the 39-year-old, who contributes music for the new episodes of the children's series "Gus - The Tiny Little Knight" (Disney Channel), reveals why he is the "bad cop" at home. In addition, the winner of the first season explains how he sees the end of the show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

You sang a song for the new episodes of "Gus: The Itty Little Knight". How did that happen?

Alexander Klaws: I already had the children's series before I was asked Disney watched it a few times with my boys and immediately liked it. The production is made with so much love, heart and soul that I really enjoy being part of it. I also think it's great that there's no swearing on "Gus", which is no longer a matter of course in some children's programs these days.

They are the father of two boys aged two and five. How did that change your view of the world?

Klaws: I've definitely grown and matured - even if that sounds clichéd. I used to live a lot more in the moment, partying a lot and not really caring what happened the next morning. As a father, I think much more and more consciously about the future. Today it is even clearer to me than before: everything I do has its consequences.

Can you imagine having more offspring?

Klaws: To be honest, I have ambivalent feelings about this question. Because given what is currently going on in the world and the uncertain future, my Woman Nadja and I are very critical of the question of whether we really want to expect this world from a newborn.

Did you ask yourself this question when you had your first two children?

Klaws: Of course! But especially in the past two and a half years, many global problems have multiplied; to the war in the Ukraine, which is practically raging on our doorstep. Nevertheless, I am basically an optimist: children are the future! We need children so that there can be a better future.

Which of your two boys is more spirited?

Klaws: Both have an incredible amount of energy! But Lenny is definitely more jittery and often finds it difficult to eat in peace. Within a short period of time he digs everything in, gets up and continues playing. Flynn is more sociable and stays seated longer. In return, Lenny is exhausted faster in the evening and in bed earlier, while Flynn sometimes lasts longer. I would say that Flynn is generally a bit more subtle and sensual.

Are you the stricter parent when it comes to parenting?

Klaws: I think I'm the bad cop. My parents have influenced me in such a way that I am definitely stricter than Nadja and therefore sometimes bang on the table faster. My wife is much more patient and frugal and prefers to take three deep breaths before she gets louder. I envy her this inner calm; my fuse is definitely shorter, especially when I'm tired from strenuous evening rolls.

Do you have a whim you'd like to share?

Klaws: My zodiac sign is Virgo and that's why I'm an extreme fan of order, who would like to tidy up all the time. Which sometimes drives my wife to the brink of madness (laughs). Because it's anything but messy, but I still go one better.

As a father of two, the current family routine is likely to pose a particular challenge for you...

Klaws: Yes! But it's no use: The more rock 'n' roll I have in my professional life, the more order I need in my private everyday life. That annoys me sometimes, especially since things are a little less orderly than normal at home at the moment because of the offspring. But then I'll clean up a little more thoroughly. Only then am I really relaxed and able to breathe deeply.

Her career began in 2003 with the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", which will be discontinued in 2023 after twenty years. What do you say about the end?

Klaws: I said years ago that it would be good to at least take a longer break. In my opinion, the current concept has been pretty worn out for a long time - and it's typically German that everything is squeezed out to the last drop. Maybe the format will come back after a creative break with new ideas and new enthusiasm and then find its way back to its old form.

Why did "DSDS" no longer work in your eyes?

Klaws: When at the end of a talent show almost everyone is just over Dieter Bohlens Talking jokes and people remember scandals longer than final songs, then something goes wrong. The talent, the ability and the uncut diamond were less and less in the foreground, but rather only the jury; especially Dieter Bohlen. But I don't mean that in a bad way, I'm only so critical because I love this format so much.

Are you still in contact with Dieter Bohlen after 20 years?

Klaws: Yes, we still write to each other regularly. And of course I also congratulated him on his "DSDS" return, which is certainly a great satisfaction for Dieter. When I call him or when we meet in person, it's always a bit like coming home. I like him simply because he has remained a child in a positive sense - otherwise he wouldn't have been able to keep up this whole circus for so long.

Are there things that you have great respect for or even fear?

Klaws: There are even several things - but I'm a man who faces his fears as often as possible. For example, I've always been afraid of oceans and the deep. Jump into the water anywhere on the sea? That used to be a nightmare for me.

Why not today?

Klaws: Together with my wife, I did the diving license and at the same time a kind of self-therapy. Since then I've known how beautiful the world is down there and that there's nothing I really have to be afraid of. Even the dreaded sharks are anything but the evil monsters they like to be made out to be. There is a much higher risk of being bitten by a dog. It can only become dangerous if you feed them. In general, I can give good advice on the subject.


Klaws: Nobody should be intimidated or even paralyzed by their fears. Only when we seriously face our fears are we free. And often only then do we realize what great things life has to offer us. We have fears for good reasons and therefore we should not run away from them.


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