Alex Jolig: Jenny Elvers reports after a serious accident

Alex Jolig
Jenny Elvers reports after a serious accident

Jenny Elvers with son Paul, Alex Jolig and his wife Britt at a performance in Hamburg.

Jenny Elvers with son Paul, Alex Jolig and his wife Britt at a performance in Hamburg.


Former “Big Brother” star Alex Jolig was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Now his ex Jenny Elvers has also spoken out.

After the serious motorcycle accident of “Big Brother” veteran Alex Jolig (59), his ex Jenny Elvers (50) reported. In an Instagram story, she posted a picture of the 59-year-old, to whom she wrote “Get well soon”. Elvers’ contribution can also be seen with Jolig’s wife Britt (55). On the other hand, she is happy on Instagram that she will soon be able to “gently” press her “loved man” again.

“Gentle” probably because Alex Jolig sustained a row of rib fractures in the accident, as his wife explained to the “Bild” newspaper. “Four ribs are affected, some of which are broken several times. It’s very painful and takes a long time.” According to the report, Jolig, who lives in Mallorca with his wife, crashed his motorcycle in Germany a week ago. He then went to a hospital near Nuremberg. On Jolig’s Instagram account, a story about a picture of the article says: “It was a lesson for me … never again without an airbag vest”.

His Woman said to “Bild”: “Alex is doing badly, he is very weak, can hardly stand, sit, walk.” Apparently that also makes it difficult to bring him to Mallorca. According to his wife, “the next few days he will be flown home by the ADAC with medical support”.

“Big Brother” made Jolig a star

Alex Jolig moved into the “Big Brother” container in 2000 and became known to an audience of millions within a very short time. From 2001 he tried himself as a singer and as an actor in films like “Pythons 2” or “Hypersonic”. The entrepreneur has been married to Britt since 2012. With Jenny Elvers he was only in a relationship for a few months, the two have their son Paul (21). At the beginning of the year, Jenny Elvers and Alex Jolig were seen together on TV in the show “Prominent Separated”. The two have been friends for some time.


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