Alec Baldwin: Actor thinks about ‘Rust’ tragedy every day

Alec Baldwin
Actor thinks about ‘Rust’ tragedy every day

Alec Baldwin talks about the in a new interview "Rust"-Tragedy.

Alec Baldwin opens up about the ‘Rust’ tragedy in a new interview.

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Alec Baldwin thinks back to the fatal incident on the set of the western Rust every day. He rejects the blame for the tragedy.

Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021) passed away after an incident on the set of the western “Rust” last October. A shot from a gun that actor Alec Baldwin (64) held in his hands at the time fatally injured the camerawoman. Director Joel Souza (49) was also injured in the tragedy. In an interview with “CNN” Baldwin now talks about itthat he thinks back to the incident every day.

“The worst thing of all is that she died. Someone died and it could have been avoided. It was so unnecessary. I think about it every day of my life,” explains Baldwin.

He has lost five acting jobs since the incident and would have stopped long ago if he did not have the support of his wife Hilaria Baldwin (38). He “wouldn’t know where I would be now. If I didn’t have her, I probably would have stopped, would have retired […]”. He might have gotten “a house in the middle of nowhere” and might sell real estate.

“Balwin points the finger at others”

Investigations revealed that the gun on the set contained live ammunition. The actor denies all blame for the incident. He had previously asserted that he did not pull the trigger, but that the shot went off.

“Someone who should know better put a live cartridge in the pistol,” Baldwin says now. As armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was responsible for this. Also about the assistant director Dave Halls, who handed the gun to the actor, he says: “There are two people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do.” Baldwin isn’t sitting here saying that they “should go to jail or that I want their lives to be hell. I don’t want that, but I want everyone to know that those are the two people responsible.” for what happened”.

Lisa Torraco, Halls’ attorney, said in a statement that Baldwin is trying to pin the blame on others: “Baldwin is pointing the finger at others because the evidence points to him.” Your client is “not responsible”, just a “scapegoat” and you should take a closer look at the evidence.

Shortly after the incident, it was reported that Halls handed the gun to Baldwin and said it was a “cold gun” with no live ammunition. According to the report, a lawyer for Baldwin recently pointed out that the actor had no reason to ever assume that there were live cartridges in the gun.


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