Ajax Amsterdam are consistently successful in the Champions League

Dhe last exit came as a finale furioso. The transfer window was about to close in the Netherlands when Antony Matheus dos Santos suddenly found himself in the outgoing goods department. The dribbling, 22-year-old winger from Brazil, whom they only call Antony, would appear in a Manchester United jersey from September, the releasing club said Ajax Amsterdam short and sweet.

For this he would receive at least 95 million euros in transfer fee from the Premier League club – not including any bonus payments of several million euros. Now the supporters of the Dutch record champions (36 titles) can consider whether this is good news or rather depressing news.

From an economic point of view, the football company AFC Ajax has done everything right again in recent months. Once again, well-coveted professionals were sold to top European leagues for maximum revenue. Apparently those responsible surprised themselves that they would add up to 216 million euros in the end.

Ajax loses seven key players

The Technical Director Gerry Hamstra admitted to the "Telegraaf" that "a completely different summer" was originally expected: Nobody could have foreseen what amounts would be called in the heated market. The internal club record set just two years ago (218 million euros) was missed by a hair's breadth.

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