Again and again Choupo-Moting instead of Tel: Is Nagelsmann on the wrong striker?

Again and again Choupo-Moting instead of Tel: Is Nagelsmann on the wrong striker?

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Julian Nagelsmann hardly relies on youth at FC Bayern: Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting receives significantly more playing time than Mathys Tel.

Since Robert Lewandowski left, Eric Maxim Chpoupo-Moting and Mathys Tel are the only two nines in the squad Bavaria-squad. However, coach Julian Nagelsmann only seems to see the Cameroonian as a real striker. After all, he already explained in an interview that he was the only center forward in the squad. Tel, on the other hand, seems to be planned more as an offensive all-rounder, insofar as he is involved at all. In the attacker ranking, the veteran seems to be clearly ahead of the youngster.

In Dortmund the same picture emerged once again. Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting prepared himself for his substitution, while Mathys Tel had to sit on the bench again for 90 minutes. Game after game, the Cameroonian comes into play, whereas Tel was only allowed to play against Viktoria Pilsen in the end. Even then, mind you, he was brought into the game after his rival who was twice his age.

Matthäus criticizes Nagelsmann: “Then he has to let him play too”

Lothar Matthäus sees the frequent non-consideration of Tel as critical. “Before the season, Nagelsmann said he expected Tel to score ten Bundesliga goals this season – yes, then he’ll have to let him play,” he said sky-Expert. In fact, after two joker appearances on the first and second match day, the Frenchman was only allowed to play from the start on the sixth match day against VfB. There he shot Munich in the lead. The reward: an early substitution in the 61st minute. Since then, the youngster saw in the Bundesliga not a minute more.

If Matthäus had his way, he would have been the more suitable candidate for the game against Dortmund compared to Choupo-Moting. “He’s also a fast player who, because of his speed compared to Choupo-Moting, who has more experience, might have been the more interesting solution because Dortmund had to come,” he noted.

As so often, Nagelsmann opted for experience and relied on Choupo-Moting. A change that you can understand in isolation, because the Cameroonian can hold balls and, with his size, sometimes serves as support at the back of a set piece. It is also legitimate to prioritize experience in the top game against Dortmund. But it is certainly also true that Tel would have been a much more suitable striker for counterattacks.

Nagelsmann has no faith in young people

In general, however, there are indications that Nagelsmann has less than no trust in his youngsters in more important games. The coach lets talent like Gravenberch or Tel only play if the opponent is several classes worse or the game has long been decided. Otherwise, both sit consistently on the bench.

One of the main arguments made by Nagelsmann’s advocates is that the coaches should be given time. A demand that would be much more understandable if the coach would at least act in a future-oriented manner. At the moment, however, the picture is that the results are not really correct and that talent is not being promoted. It’s the veterans in the prime of footballer age who should get the chestnuts from the tree.

The question must be allowed as to whether it makes sense to get talents like Tel or Gravenberch for a lot of money and then leave them on the bench. Certainly one can say that Tel is still a little too inexperienced for the Munich team, but development is only possible through playing time. Nagelsmann seems to think it is more important to keep experienced staff happy than to encourage young people.

If you look at the performances of Tel and Choupo-Moting this season, the young signing has basically been more convincing. But it seemed more important to the Munich coach to get the Cameroonian back in shape after his injury. After all, this recently recorded an upward trend, but you also pay the price for it by minimizing the operating times for Tel. It is as clear as day that he cannot achieve the required “ten goals of the season” in this way. But it is also typical of Julian Nagelsmann to get himself into trouble with such a nonsensical statement.

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