After Uniper, gas importer Sefe is also likely to be nationalized

A gas plant

The company Sefe is also to be transferred to state control.

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Berlin After the planned nationalization of Uniper the focus of the federal government is on the rescue of the nearest gas importer. Two insiders told Reuters news agency on Thursday, nationalization is also an option for Sefe (Securing Energy for Europe).

The "Spiegel" had previously reported that the company should also be owned by the state. The former Gazprom Germania is still owned by the Russian energy group Gazprombut is under federal trusteeship to ensure security of supply in Germany to ensure with gas.

"Discussions are being held in the federal government on the future of Sefe," said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Economics. Experts consider nationalization to be likely, but this will probably take a few more weeks. the Federal Network Agencywhich temporarily controls Sefe, expressed the same opinion as the ministry.

People around Sefe said that one option was for the company to prepare a capital cut to give the state a cheap entry point. The step would Gazprom de facto expropriate – which the state has so far shied away from for fear of retaliation.

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In government circles it was said recently that the trust solution would be difficult in the long run. Unlike Uniper According to an insider, the government is not planning to nationalize the gas importer VNG.

Robert Habeck announced the acquisition of Uniper

On Wednesday, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) pulled the ripcord in view of the billions in losses at Uniper and announced the takeover of 99 percent of the shares. The deal should go through by the end of the year. Overall, the rescue of the largest German gas company includes 29 billion euros.

Because gas supplies are off Russia fail to materialize, the importers have come under massive pressure. They have to procure expensive replacements on the spot market in order to supply their customers as agreed.

This also affects the Leipzig VNG and Sefe. VNG recently applied for state aid. Habeck had announced that he would make a decision on this quickly.

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