After The Weeknd’s concert was canceled: His voice is “okay” again

After The Weeknd's concert was canceled: His voice is "okay" again

After The Weeknd canceled their concert
His voice is “okay” again

The Weeknd is apparently fit again.

The Weeknd is apparently fit again.

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Over the weekend, The Weeknd ended a concert early in tears. Now he announces that his voice is “okay” again.

The Weeknd (32) canceled a concert over the weekend. In front of 70,0000 fans at the sold-out SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, the singer said, among other things: “You know how much this is killing me, I’m sorry.” He had tears in his eyes. The 32-year-old explained a little later on twitter the reason for the early end: Already during the first song his voice “failed” and he was “devastated”. Now he leaves his fans on Instagram know that his voice is “okay” again. A doctor confirmed that.

With enough rest, he will soon be completely healthy again, shared The Weeknd continue with Then he could play the show “that my fans in Toronto are waiting for”. The next concert in his tour schedule is on September 22nd in the Canadian metropolis, which is also his birthplace.

The Weeknd thanks his fans “for all the love and understanding”.

As with his canceled show, the 32-year-old promised that an alternative date for Inglewood be “worked out”. On stage he said: “My deepest apologies to my fans here. I promise I’ll make it up to you with a new date.” Now he thanked “for all the love and understanding that was shown to me, I love you all so much.”

In another Instagram post declared The Weeknd: “Nowhere would I rather be than on this stage. See you soon.”


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