After the death of the Queen: filming of "The Crown" should pause

After the death of Elizabeth II.
Out of respect for the Queen: The filming of "The Crown" should pause

Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth II in the new season of "The Crown".

Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth II in the new season of The Crown.

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The filming of the series "The Crown" is to be interrupted after the death of the Queen. That's what series creator Peter Morgan wants.

The series "The Crown" bows to the real Queen. Elizabeth II (1926-2022) died Thursday at the age of 96. The hit Netflix show is dedicated to the life of the Queen. Series creator Peter Morgan said in a statement to Deadline after the Queen's death: "'The Crown' is a love letter to [die Königin] and I have nothing to add for now, just silence and respect." Morgan also said, "I expect we'll stop filming out of respect as well."

They have been running since 2021 filming for the fifth season of the series. A sixth and final season of the show - which has retold the life of the monarch since 1947 - has been commissioned by Netflix but is unlikely to be about today's events. The series is said to end in 2002 or 2005.

"The Crown": Three actresses as Queen

Claire Foy played the young queen on seasons one and two of The Crown. Olivia Colman took over the role in seasons three and four. Both actresses won an Emmy for it. Imelda Staunton will sit on the throne for seasons five and six.

The fifth season of The Crown has been announced for November 2022. It is about the 1990s in the British royal family, it is expected to end with the accidental deaths of Princess Diana (1961-1997) and Dodi Al-Fayed (1955-1997) on August 31, 1997.


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