After storming the parliament: security chief of Brasília dismissed – politics

After storming the parliament: security chief of Brasília dismissed – politics

After the attack on government buildings by radical supporters of the former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro Brasília’s chief of security, Anderson Torres, has been fired. “I have decided to dismiss the Minister of Security of the Federal District and at the same time have sent all security forces into the streets to arrest and punish those responsible,” Federal District Governor Ibaneis Rocha wrote on Twitter.

“I am in Brasília to observe the demonstrations and to take all measures to curb the anti-democratic riots in the government district.” Angry supporters of ex-President Bolsonaro, who was voted out, had previously stormed Congress, the Supreme Court and the Palácio do Planalto seat of government. TV showed them tearing down roadblocks and pushing back the few police officers. Although the officers used pepper spray and stun grenades, they were unable to stop the attackers.

The sacked Torres is considered a supporter of Bolsonaro, whom he previously served as justice minister. Right-wing President Bolsonaro lost to left-wing politician Lula in the runoff last October and left office at the turn of the year. He never explicitly acknowledged his defeat. Even after the election, radical supporters of the ex-military had repeatedly protested against Lula’s victory and called on the country’s armed forces to stage a military coup.

Reactions from other countries

Heads of government from various countries reacted quickly to what was happening in Brasília. US President Joe Biden called the storming of Parliament “outrageous”, according to his spokeswoman. Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tweeted: “The United States condemns any attempt to undermine democracy in Brazil.” President Biden is monitoring the situation closely. “Our support for Brazil’s democratic institutions is unwavering,” said Sullivan.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke of a “coup attempt” who is “reprehensible and undemocratic”. “Lula is not alone, he has the support of the progressive forces of his country, Mexico, the Americas and the world,” said Lopez Obrador. “Those who try to disregard the will of the majority endanger democracy and deserve not only the appropriate legal sanctions but also the outright rejection of the international community.”, answered Meanwhile, Argentine President Alberto Fernández has his say.

There were also quick reactions in Europe. “The will of the Brazilian people and the democratic institutions must be respected! President Lula can count on the full support of France.”, wrote French President Emmanuel Macron on Twitter.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also used Twitterto show his solidarity with Lula. “I wholeheartedly support President Lula and the institutions freely and democratically elected by the Brazilian people. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack on the Brazilian Congress and call for an immediate return to democratic normality,” said Sánchez.

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