Advocate for the Survivors: Great biography about Philipp Auerbach. – Politics

After the war, Philipp Auerbach campaigned for Jewish homeless people in Bavaria – and was attacked for it. Today he is almost forgotten. Hans-Hermann Klare erects a worthy monument to the man who also had a dark side.

Whoever thinks of the surname Auerbach in Leipzig as mentioned in “Faust” is not alone. Because Philipp Auerbach, a well-known, even famous man in the first post-war years, who held the post of “State Commissioner for racially, politically and religiously persecuted people” in Munich – this Auerbach, who survived Auschwitz, is as good as forgotten. That could change now, because the former starEditor Hans-Hermann Klare has written a biography of Auerbach that is as well-founded as it is enlightening, drawing from around 30 archives. Klare not only brings the impressive figure of Auerbach together with its thoroughly difficult sides out of the darkness; he also sheds light on the sometimes incorrigibly anti-Semitic German post-war society, which ultimately drove the hated Jew Auerbach to suicide.

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