Adidas and the 500 million defeat – economy

Adidas and the 500 million defeat – economy

The new boss Björn Gulden urgently needs to lead the group through the crisis – and find a solution for all the shoes that US rapper Kanye West designed. The question is: shred or sell?


Uwe RitzerHerzogenaurach

Now they are lying around – shoes worth 500 million euros – and nobody knows what to do with them. As Adidas the intellectual creator of the sneakers, the designer and US rapper Kanye West, who terminated his collaboration with immediate effect in October 2020 because of his anti-Semitic and racist comments, the shoes were largely finished in factories in the Far East. Then the new “Yeezy” collection, which was supposed to bring in a lot of money for Adidas and West, was shipped all over the world. Now the shoes are on the heap and at Adidas they don’t know what to do.

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