Actress Ana Obregón became a mother at the age of 68

Actress Ana Obregón became a mother at the age of 68

At first glance, the woman with the sunglasses looks like a happy grandmother holding her newborn grandchild in her arms. But 68-year-old Ana Obregón is making headlines in Spain for being the little girl’s mother.

The series of pictures in the gossip magazine “Hola” looks staged, but it is unclear whether paparazzi managed to scoop it up. It shows the all-white actress and TV presenter proudly exiting a Miami hospital in a sort of wheelchair with the child on her lap, as is customary in American clinics for mothers with newborns.

“The moving pictures of happiness from Ana” is on the cover of the magazine. Obregón had her child, who was born two days after her 68th birthday, carried out by an American surrogate mother – according to Spanish press reports, this can cost significantly more than 100,000 euros in the USA. “A light of love came into my darkness. Now I’ll never be alone again. I’m alive again,” she wrote on Instagram with the hashtags “welcometotheworld” and “dyingoflove.”

Her son Aless died of cancer three years ago at the age of 27, as did both of her parents a little later. Relatives and friends shared how deeply this loss affected her.

But not everyone in Spain shares their joy. “I think it’s pure selfishness to buy a kid in Miami to have a mother. Ana Obregón thought more about herself than about the girl’s future,” criticized TV presenter Joaquín Prat. “They used and exploited another woman to try and heal a pain that will never heal,” a follower commented on her Instagram account.

The girl will soon be alone and have no mother. The left-wing Minister of Equality Irene Montero considers the surrogacy, which is banned in Spain, to be “violence against women”.

An adoption would have been out of the question for the actress, because in Spain they are only possible up to a maximum age of 45 years. Unlike countries like Germany, however, egg donations are allowed; German couples also come to Spain for this.

Before the outbreak of war, many Spanish parents traveled to Ukraine to have their desire to have children fulfilled by a surrogate mother. Obregón hopes she can return home with the girl soon.

Spain recognizes children carried to term by women in countries that allow surrogacy, provided the appropriate documentation is available.

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