Accused prosecutor confesses and tells personal story in court

District Court of Frankfurt am Main

Former prosecutor Alexander Badle now has to answer for himself in court. The allegations: corruption, bribery and tax evasion.

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Frankfurt With a far-reaching admission of guilt and very personal descriptions, a former senior public prosecutor accused of corruption in Frankfurt has admitted the crimes he is accused of. On the second day of the trial, the 55-year-old read with a halting voice a 19-page statement full of remorse. He takes “criminal and personal responsibility” for his future life “despite extremely gloomy prospects”.

He caused great damage to many bystanders, massively abused the trust of superiors and colleagues and caused serious damage to the reputation of the Hessian judiciary. He was unable to stop the bribe payment system, said Alexander B. “In this respect, I can almost be grateful to the public prosecutor’s office for pulling me out of it.”

The former head of an investigative agency against corruption in the healthcare sector has had to answer to court allegations of corruption since last week. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the 55-year-old enriched himself by issuing reports and received bribes. With him in the dock is an entrepreneur accused of commercial bribery and subsidy fraud.

Alexander B. described his traumatic childhood in precarious circumstances: his father sexually abused him. His mother put him in a children’s home immediately after he was born and brought him back when he was two years old. His childhood was marked by money worries, his mother being overwhelmed and his father’s alcohol addiction. Until his arrest in 2020, he had not spoken to anyone about it “because I was ashamed”.

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With diligence and discipline, he completed his law studies. With work he wanted to distract himself from his personal problems, was “completely burned out”. “My professional success was my sole purpose in life.”

Increased costs due to life partner

From 2002 onwards, the accused was entrusted with investigations into billing fraud among doctors. Experts were needed for the complicated matter, who initially worked individually and independently. In the high phase up to 2000 proceedings were pending. Together with his school friend – who is now in the dock with him – the accused founded a company that employed the experts.

B. admitted that he first shared a third and later 60 percent of the profits of this company, knowing “that this behavior is illegal”. The background to this “unlawful agreement” was his new relationship with one of these experts. She couldn’t handle money and he wasn’t able to stop it.

When their two children from their first marriage moved in with the couple, the costs increased. At that point, he decided to “get himself an additional source of income.” The co-defendant entrepreneur set up an account and gave him the bank card. According to the indictment, he withdrew around 3,000 euros a month for years.

According to the accused, another source of income was found with a company that produced computer reports. He exchanged similar personal problems with the owner of this company. During a walk, it was agreed that the entrepreneur would pay B. one euro for each expert opinion commissioned.

Reported by ex-partner

His partner then became mentally ill, he separated from her in 2019, but the costs continued. It was this woman who reported the then chief public prosecutor in 2019.

After his arrest in 2020, he began to work through “why I failed so much”. He knows that his statements can be seen as evasions “and that the legal and personal processing have only a small overlap”.

He also admitted the second charge of tax evasion – in addition to commercial bribery. He intends to comment later on the third charge, which was added later – serious infidelity. The second defendant, the co-defendant entrepreneur, also wants to testify next Wednesday.

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