Accusation in the Awo scandal: Feldmann’s endgame

Dhe city of Frankfurt has had to live with a mayor for a good two years now who has never been able to refute or clear up a suspicion of corruption. At Peter Feldman the allegations that he had given his then wife money and a company car simply rolled off.

So far he has been able to rely on “his” SPD who suffered from the politician’s battered reputation, but who, due to her own involvement in the scandal surrounding nepotism in the workers’ welfare organization (“AWO scandal”), could not exactly act like a guardian of virtue. The hard-nosed game could now take revenge.

The SPD seems to be coming to its senses

Only now do Feldmann and the SPD want to see a “heavy burden” on the horizon for the city and the office. The reason is the news that the public prosecutor’s office has brought charges against Feldmann for taking advantage. If the court allows the indictment, according to the SPD, she and Feldmann will “reassess” the situation.

That can only mean that the patience of the SPD is at an end. Two years before the next mayoral election, which Feldmann will no longer contest anyway, the SPD seems to be coming to its senses.

It is correct when she states that the presumption of innocence still applies to the mayor. Feldmann has long since lost his political innocence in this affair. That shouldn’t matter in court. But it weighs heavily on a city that has long yearned for a worthy mayor.

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