According to the police, the attacker wanted to break Pelosi’s kneecaps

According to the police, the attacker wanted to break Pelosi’s kneecaps

Nafter the attack on the husband of the top US politician Nancy Pelosi new details about the incident have emerged. The alleged perpetrator planned to take the speaker of the US House of Representatives hostage and “break her kneecaps,” he told police, according to a court document released Monday. He wanted to force the Democrat into a wheelchair to show other members of Congress that their “actions have consequences”. He called Pelosi the “leader of a pack” of lies propagated by Democrats.

On Friday night, the man broke into the couple’s home in San Francisco and was looking for the chair of the House of Representatives. The 82-year-old was not at home at the time. When police arrived, the attacker hit her husband, Paul Pelosi, who is the same age, with a hammer, seriously injuring him. According to the court document, police later recovered a roll of duct tape, a piece of rope, a second hammer, a pair of rubber gloves and cloth gloves, and zip ties at the scene.

If convicted, he faces several decades in prison

The alleged perpetrator, a 42-year-old man, is now accused of attempting to kidnap an official and assaulting a family member of an official. He could face several decades in prison if convicted at the federal level, the US Department of Justice announced on Monday. Local charges against him include attempted murder, burglary, ill-treatment and deprivation of liberty of an elderly person and threatening an official.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said at a news conference in San Francisco on Monday, “It is clear from the evidence we have to date that this House and the Chair herself have been targeted by the accused.” Due to the serious danger to public safety that the man poses to San Francisco and its surroundings, she will apply for detention on Tuesday without the possibility of bail.

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