Abuse in sport: Athletes Germany helps victims

Abuse in sport: Athletes Germany helps victims

BBefore the contact point for victims of violence in top-class sport started its work on Monday, around twenty victims had already contacted it. This seems paradoxical, but makes the need clear. In a scientific survey of 1,800 of them five years ago, almost one in three said they had experienced physical violence in sport.

Thirty-seven percent reported having been subjected to sexualized violence, and more than four in five, 86 percent, reported being the subject of psychological violence. Since the hearing of the Independent Commission for the Study of Sexual child abuse On the subject of sport in October 2020, one or two affected people contacted Athletes Germany every month.

Bund wants to follow suit

Since this week, the association has been offering anonymous legal and therapeutic advice and support from trained staff to the approximately four thousand squad athletes in Germany who have experienced attacks. The offer is also aimed at former competitive athletes.

Those who do not belong to a selection will not be rejected, assure saber fencer Léa Krüger from the presidium of Athletes Germany and psychologist and former water polo player Tobias Preuss, vice president of the organization. Before the end of this year, the federal government intends to set up a national contact point for victims of violence in all sports. In addition, he promises to create an independent center for Safe Sport.

This is music of the future. The contact point of athletes in Germany, financed by two foundations, works independently of sport and the state and thus makes athletes an offer that they accept more willingly than others.

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