A white elephant was born

A white elephant was born

In Myanmar a rare white elephant has been born. The state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar reported on Wednesday that the baby elephant was born in the western state of Rakhine last month. It weighs around 80 kilograms and is around 70 centimeters tall.

State television showed footage of the little pachyderm and his mother. The 33-year-old female elephant is kept by a state timber company. According to the Global New Light of Myanmar, the baby elephant has seven of the eight distinctive features of rare white elephants, including “pearl-colored eyes,” a distinctive tail, and white hair.

White elephants are considered lucky in Southeast Asian culture. In earlier times, rulers in the region acquired as many as they could.

In the online networks, users first reported the birth of the previously nameless baby elephant in late July. Some alluded to the country’s political situation and the repression of opposition figures since the military coup in February 2021: “Elephants were only important in the old days,” wrote one user. “Now the poor elephant has to go to jail.” Another user asked the baby animal, “Am I color blind if it only looks brown to me?”

White elephants do not have to be albinos to be considered white elephants in Thailand and Myanmar, however their skin should be lighter than that of traditional elephants. Other criteria by which they are classified are, for example, the coloring of the eyes around the cornea, white or pink genitals, a pink palate and the length of the tail hair.

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