A caramel macchiato to go!

WIf your name is wrong on the paper cup, there is more sugar in your coffee drink than caffeine and you paid a lot of money for it - then you most likely ended up with the American chain with the green logo. You would be kicked out of any Italian coffee bar if you asked for a caramel macchiato. After all, it doesn't really have much to do with coffee: there's probably an espresso in this mug, but you can hardly taste it under all the milk froth and caramel syrup. And that is exactly what makes it the coffee of my life.

Julia Anton

Editor in the “Society & Style” department.

I like to drink coffee, not that there are misunderstandings right at the beginning. But it just started with the caramel macchiato. sugar and milk make it an excellent starter drink for teenagers - and that's exactly what makes it such a fond memory for me. At that time, coffee was still something very special for me and not a daily (and sometimes afternoon) necessity.

After all, whoever drinks coffee is an adult!

I grew up in a suburb of Munich where the opportunities for young people to stay were rather manageable. Instead, those who thought they were cool met on Fridays after school at the S-Bahn and rode into town. Of course we didn't just hang out in the English Garden with a piece of bread we made ourselves, but went "for a coffee". After all, we knew that from series like Sex and the City. We felt incredibly grown up when we walked through the doors of the aforementioned coffee chain on Residenzstrasse and ordered a coffee rather than hot chocolate. We went to the coffee chain because we basically thought everything that came from the USA was cool at the time.

Cool qua origin: coffee chains from America

Cool qua origin: coffee chains from America

Image: dpa

We always ordered our caramel macchiato “to go”, regardless of whether we looked for a seat on the large sofas and armchairs or roamed through downtown Munich. We thought the paper cup was – you guessed it – simply cool. Back then, the issue of the environment wasn't such an issue, at least not for us, and after all we could drink from cups at home. And that's exactly what it was all about: breaking out of the usual structures. We always had a cup of cocoa on the table at home in the morning, and if we hung out at the local mall we only risked bumping into annoying classmates, teachers, or worse, our parents.

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