83 to 17 for the bears

Dhe Commerzbank has had an excellent stock strategist for many years, who wonderfully guided the troops of the bulls at the stock exchange against which the bear has competed. They competed against each other with lots of numbers and stock market numbers. The strategist was more of a friend of the bulls, but also allowed the bears to succeed.

Unfortunately, due to austerity measures, Commerzbank no longer its previous function and thus no longer its analyzes in the usual form. But it is undisputed that the bears, the symbol for falling prices, have the upper hand on the stock exchange at the moment. Cleverly they let the bulls gallop on Monday. 2.4 percent Dax plus. Because inflationary pressures in America are said to be easing. think. The bear paw hit hard on Tuesday afternoon. 8.3 percent inflation in America in August. More than expected. And above all, the core inflation, which was previously considered the harmless sister of the main inflation inflated by expensive oil and gas, rose to 6.3 percent.

The bulls watched helplessly as more and more monetary policy observers joined the bears: Who bids more? Fed rate hike next week 0.5 percent? 0.75 percent? 1 percent? Or even more? American government bonds with a term of one year are already promising a return of 4 percent. So why bother with the minutiae of the consumptive stock markets when one of the safest borrowers in the world is serving up 4 percent annual returns on a silver platter in the world's strongest currency. Incidentally, the Italians are doing this again for a period of ten years. But when you look at it, you tend to think of the next euro crisis, and the last upright bulls get weak in the knees.

They were accordingly shaky on their feet when Kion reported on its business activities on Wednesday. The forklift maker said high costs and supply chain disruptions resulted in a loss in the third quarter. Recession worries aside, no one wants to be shown this clearly, and so the share price fell by 30 percent. Such low blows usually only occur when the bulls can no longer think of a positive turn of events.

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