50 moments of joy: Happiness is… – taz.de

50 moments of joy: Happiness is… – taz.de

The new World Happiness Report will be presented on Monday. Happiness is something very big, but sometimes small and commonplace.

Finland has been number 1 in the happiness ranking for five years in a row Photo: Jörg Modrow/laif

Without happiness everything is nothing. The new one will be on Monday World Happiness Report presented, with a ranking of the happiest countries. Finland, Denmark and Norway are regularly far ahead. Social security, the economic situation or life expectancy are queried for the report and are certainly decisive for people’s satisfaction. But sometimes happiness is small and everyday – and it doesn’t even need a sauna for it. We have collected 50 moments of happiness:

Luck is…

… when you no longer need a hat in the morning

… when the children are unsure whether the Easter Bunny might exist after all

… warm pudding

… when a film has a happy ending

… when Bayern concede the decisive goal in added time

… when you drink wine with friends and can laugh about this world again

… when you find a five-euro note in last year’s summer jacket

… if you do something, and it will be good

… if you can be sure of peace

… when the crocuses glow

… when you get on the train and everything is still empty

…when the pain subsides

… when a broadcaster cannot simply silence a critical reporter

… when the cloud cover breaks open

… when the canteen has your favorite meal

… when the cranes come back

… when you feel the music in your whole body

… when you feel small in the big mountains

… when a stranger is following you with your lost glove

… if you went swimming in the lake in winter

… when the doctor gives the all-clear

… when a baby smiles at you in the checkout line

… if the employer provides a BahnCard 100

… when the church bells ring on Sundays

… when the road is in front of you on your way to vacation

… when everyone else is happy

… April weather

… when you get into the flow and a text writes itself

… if you can be sure that the money will last until the end of the month

… if you are alone and like to be alone

… when you drink tea next to your girlfriend in bed in the morning

… when the sun shines back into the apartment

… when you jump on the trampoline

… when you are nursed back to health by someone

… when the self-planted seeds germinate

… the sore muscles from laughing

… when a sparrow bathes in a puddle in the gutter

… the after-work beer

… if you have a government that doesn’t want to undermine the separation of powers

… when you look forward to your morning coffee in the evening. And in the morning on the wine in the evening

… if there is enough time

… own apartment

… if you still have the whole summer ahead of you

… when you read a sentence that is so good that you have to pause

… if an appointment is canceled and you suddenly have time for a nap

… when you break a bar of chocolate

… if you start laughing at the same time

… when you get a kiss

… when your feet get warm under the covers

… when the dog rolls in the grass for the first time this year

Compiled by Antje Lang-Lendorff

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