4.6 million doses of corona vaccine have expired – Lauterbach criticizes the development of infection through Oktoberfest

An institute in Rostock, which claims to be unique in Germany, wants to contribute to better handling of the late effects of corona in the future. Especially with Long Covid, it is particularly important that it one place where the information came togethersaid the initiator and lung specialist Jördis Frommhold on the occasion of the opening symposium of the German Press Agency on Saturday.

“We are dealing with a very diffuse clinical picture, with a wide variety of symptoms, up to 200 different ones.” The private institute wants to advise those affected and clinics on treatment, but also companies with a view to health management. Long Covid is estimated to be in 17 million people in Europe and 3 million in Germany are affected said Frommhold. Long Covid can lead to disability if left untreated. “As a society, we simply cannot afford that,” emphasized Frommhold.

The institute will cooperate with hospitals, such as the Bundeswehr hospital in Hamburg. According to its commander Thomas Harbaum, a long-Covid network of experts is needed, with the institute at the center. Economy and science have an urgent need, he said in view of the impending damage that can be caused by the illnesses, some of which can last for months.

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