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In the long term, you might even have to thank the referee, but of course that was out of the question immediately after the 4-1 loss at SV Elversberg. Michael Köllner, eloquent coach of the TSV 1860 Munich, remained unusually taciturn in the press conference during his very first analysis, he was obviously busy swallowing some anger. The criticism was initially only directed at his team: “We played a very, very bad first half, Elversberg was very callous, we didn’t find our way into the game.” Not a word more about the referee, whose decisions had at least contributed to making the result so unfavorable.

Two decisions in particular are worth mentioning: a penalty decision against Yannick Deichmann, who also received a yellow card for his easy save; the penalty kick was turned into an interim 3:0 (34th). And secondly, a goal that was not scored by Joseph Boyamba, presumably because of an alleged offside position (59th). In any case, Boyamba had a greater right than others to be angry because he still had relatively few reasons to be angry with himself, in contrast to all the other players in the starting XI. He then managed to make it 1:4 late with an individual performance (78th).

Nevertheless, the first defeat of the season is now on the books, the invincibility nimbus of the lions is gone, and who knows, maybe it’s even quite a good thing that this first defeat turned out so clearly against a supposed gray mouse (which she actually of course it isn’t). Köllner announced an extensive analysis of the first half, and after a 1: 4 and devastating individual notes the players will listen more closely to the tabloids than after a narrow 1: 2 with an “Yes, it can happen” attitude.

Köllner picks up his third yellow card – after the fourth he is blocked

At the moment, 1860 Munich is no longer first, but tied for second in the table, so the news that everyday league work is not a sure-fire success came just in time. Meanwhile, SV Elversberg has shown that they are right at the top. The team looks so solid that they are unlikely to face the fate of FC Viktoria Berlin, who were top of the table at the beginning of last season and were relegated anyway.

You can tactically dissect any game. 1860 Managing Director Günther Gorenzel also briefly used the scalpel in this regard. Elversberg’s Thore Jacobsen didn’t get along at all with the game shifts, and they also “gave away many moments in possession of the ball,” he explained to Magentasport. Overall, however, there is little to do offensively, especially when the team loses an unusually large number of duels and only seems to be physically present.

Köllner didn’t give an interview immediately after the game and still seemed pretty irritated later. For example, when asked why he hadn’t switched earlier or changed the system. “If you had looked closely,” he replied, you could have seen that he had changed things early on. And: “It’s not a system issue,” says the coach, because almost all players made individual shortcomings. In addition, his team has already shown in the young season that they can cope with different forms of play, and promoted Elversberg is certainly not a class better.

That’s why Köllner’s main concern now is to stop the sloppiness that suddenly appeared in the game – which Gorenzel also addressed – as quickly as possible. The next game is already on Friday evening, at home against Erzgebirge Aue, and there are many hopes for Köllner that he doesn’t have to get as upset as he did in the first half in Elversberg. There he picked up his third yellow card. Coaches are already suspended for a game after the fourth game. “That doesn’t interest me much,” the 51-year-old replies when asked how he intends to last 30 games without a warning. It is now more a question of delaying this lockdown for as long as possible. If you perform well, you naturally get less upset.

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