33 injured in ship accident in dry dock

33 injured in ship accident in dry dock

Bin a shipwreck in a dry dock in Scotland Edinburgh 33 people were injured. 21 people were taken to the hospital and twelve were treated at the scene of the accident, the Scottish Ambulance Service said on Wednesday. Previously, the research vessel “Petrel” was tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

The authorities spoke of a “major incident”. “Strong winds” would have pushed the ship out of the bracket, wrote local councilor Adam McVey on Twitter. He described the incident as “terrifying”.

According to the Scottish Ambulance Service, five ambulances and a rescue helicopter were used. The local National Health Service (NHS) said it was standing by to receive the injured at Edinburgh Royal Hospital. He called on the population to only come to the hospital in emergencies.

The 76 meter long “Petrel” was bought and outfitted by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, British media reported. According to this, the ship should weigh 3,000 tons and have been in the dry dock since 2020.

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