280,000 people follow the climate call from Fridays for Future

TThousands of people are after a call from the climate movement Fridays for Future once again took to the streets around the world for more climate protection. According to the organizers, more than 280,000 participants were out and about in Germany on Friday – the largest demonstrations took place in Berlin and Hamburg. There were actions in more than 270 cities across Germany. The call was supported by many nature and environmental protection associations. It was the organization's eleventh global strike since it was founded in 2018. According to an action map from Fridays for Future, pro-climate protesters were on every continent.

More than 36,000 people joined the protests in Berlin, according to Fridays for Future, citing the police. The activist called at a rally in Invalidenpark near the government district Luisa Neubauer to the participants: “If you think that there is no way out, only despair remains. If you know that there is another way, you can get started and act. We have the knowledge, so let's get started." 100 billion euros are needed for "social climate protection" and the nine-euro ticket "forever".

20,000 participants were registered in Hamburg. Fridays for Future spoke of 19,000 participants in the afternoon, the police of 15,000. On banners and posters, the demonstrators called for "1.5 degrees for the climate" and "toll on air miles". "Now at the latest is the moment to become independent of fossil energies and expand renewables at an unprecedented rate," said Fridays for Future spokeswoman Annika Rittmann at the opening rally. The activists are calling on the Hamburg Senate to make the city climate-neutral by 2035, to free the city center from private transport and to review climate protection measures on a quarterly basis.

10,000 participants in Frankfurt

For Frankfurt am Main, the organizers called 10,000 participants. According to the police, around 4,400 people took part in Cologne, the organizers spoke of 7,000. In Bremen, the police counted up to 4,000 demonstrators at the top, the organizers spoke of 5,000. Slogans such as "Tackle the climate crisis at the root" and " This is our world". According to the police, 1,300 people took to the streets in Hanover, according to Fridays for Future there were 4,000.

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