“2022 – The Quiz”: These stars come to Plasberg’s farewell

“2022 – The Quiz”
These stars come to Plasberg’s farewell

For the 15th and last time, Frank Plasberg presents the popular annual review for guessing.

For the 15th and last time, Frank Plasberg presents the popular annual review for guessing.

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Frank Plasberg presents the puzzle annual review “2022 – The Quiz” for the last time. Günther Jauch and Florian Silbereisen are also coming.

This year, too, viewers can puzzle and ponder in the first, just in time for the end of the year. As the ARD announced on Friday, “2022 – Das quiz” on Friday, December 30th, at 8:15 p.m. on the first broadcast. The popular moderator Frank Plasberg (65) will then give his farewell performance as quiz master. For the 15th and last time, Plasberg will present the ARD quiz show shortly before New Year’s Eve In the past, up to seven million people tuned in to guess the big annual review year after year.

Frank Plasberg welcomes these guests on his farewell

When he leaves, Plasberg welcome the four-time winner Günther Jauch (66), the two-time winner Barbara Schöneberger (48) and the four-time winner Jan Josef Liefers (58). Florian Silbereisen (41) is there for the second time. Will he get his first win?

This year’s edition is once again about “the most important, most emotional and funniest moments of the year and the people who have moved Germany this year”, as the broadcaster says. In “2022 – The Quiz”, for example, the focus is on the permanent Zoff in the traffic light coalition, it’s about the new English King Charles III. (74), the football World Cup in Qatar and the women’s European Championship and last but not least the scandalous summer hit “Layla” by DJ Robin & Schürze.

Withdrawal even with “hard but fair”

It was only last Monday, November 14th, that Frank Plasberg moderated his last “hard but fair” show after more than 20 years on the first. As early as August 2022, the moderator announced that he wanted to withdraw from the political talk show. In a statement, Plasberg spoke of the “right time” to leave the show. He wants to “evolve”. From January 2023, Louis Klamroth (33) will take over the format for him.


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